Just say “Yes”

An architect friend of mine used to tell me about restaurants he designed doing “soft openings” where they get their people and processes tuned up a little, then have their highly promoted Grand Opening.  That has been my plan for my little startup, See I.T. Consulting, LLC.

But when someone from a major nation/international IT web/media outlet asks to do your profile, do you ask them to wait until you are ready?  Of course not. You just say yes–immediately. It’s what you do.

So here it is:

As the article suggests, I have some learning curve ahead of me still. For those of you who have come here to learn more about me and what I have to offer, please stay tuned as I will soon be posting my current “menu” (staying with the restaurant metaphor).  It will be the things I’m already good at, my tried and true recipes.

I’ll also be posting a preview menu with the cloud technologies areas I’ll likely focus on initially.  For example, off the bat I can tell you I’m working towards Azure cloud certification(s). But I have more hands-on experience with Amazon Web Services at this point (e.g. hosting my web page there now).

Don’t hesitate to reach out for whatever reason, though. Are you new to cloud and wondering what it’s all about? Maybe you realize it’s time to get started and are wondering about first steps.  Or, perhaps you have a project going and are looking for some additional expertise. If I don’t have it, after 20 years in IT, I’m sure I can help you find it.

I’ve taken this leap knowing where I am and what I’m capable of.  So whether or not this is the ideal Grand Opening or the ideal timing, I’m ready to say “yes” to what comes next.



I’d be remiss if I didn’t also thank Renee Morad for her excellent writing and especially Cheryl Ajluni for her interest in my story.


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