Business Model : Horse | Business Plan : Cart

I just got some bad advice this week from a prospective mentor. Their advice:  write a business plan. On the surface this seems logical. Duh, you have to have a business plan.  But following that advice right now could mean the end of my startup venture.  Here’s why:

Just say “Yes”

An architect friend of mine used to tell me about restaurants he designed doing “soft openings” where they get their people and processes tuned up a little, then have their highly promoted Grand Opening.  That has been my plan for my little startup

Work with existing ARM templates in VS 2015

Extending some techniques found in the MVP blog posts below, I worked out a method for importing existing Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates (e.g. custom Quickstart templates from the Gallery) into Visual Studio 2015 where you have a greater wealth of tools for working with them,